Building a Sub-Irrigated Planter for Growing Cannabis

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of …


  1. Hmm..I just bought a bag of Grow Dots (time release fertilizer) to experiment with this years outdoor grow. Anyone try something like that with a sip/hempy bucket? I wonder if it'd work if you mixed them in with them, concentrating a bit more towards the lower half of the media? Would be a relatively carefree system if it worked.

  2. I took this method one step further. I added a small air line and air pump to the lower bucket to aerate the water and feed oxygen to the roots. I also used two 5 gallon buckets from Lowes, these buckets fit together with plenty of room for the Net Pot without using additinal Net Pots to raise the inner bucket up due to the outer lip on the buckets.

  3. Couldn't you just put the fabric pot into a bucket with water and eliminate the second bucket? Then just lift to fill or run a pipe down the side between the two?

  4. So I was wondering, would it be at all beneficial to run an oxygen line into the water that the plant is taking in? Kind of boost the oxygen levels a little bit in the water?

  5. So you don't want your roots to pass the screen you put down inside, to keep them from going in to the water reservoir? So this is nothing like a "Hempy Bucket" ?????

  6. you just created an expensive saucer tray that's it. just put a grow bag in a saucer and you're doing the same thing you're doing now. you probably water it more bc you're still using the grow bag. the point of the self-contained system is to water it less while still air pruning roots. you defeat the purpose if you let more air in the side to dry up your soil. so you'll water just as much as if you just put a grow bag on a saucer and let the fabric soak up the water. IDK seems like overkill, and redundant.

  7. NICE PLANTS! Check out this device i made so you can grow hydroponics without electricity and auto feeding with no mosquito problems. i have a video on it.!!

  8. Would love to see a whole series on this setup…from this point till the end…still unsure how roots will obtain water? Sorry…very new to this all…keep up the good work! 🙃

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