California Cannabis Businesses Fear State's Legal Industry Could Collapse

Cannabis companies across California say they are struggling to survive due to high taxes and illegal competition. NBC News’ …


  1. Why is this so surprising? Legal stores charge way too much for the same thing one can get from there street corner bud grower. The stores have much to much overhead with security, glass countertops, and insured employees making at least minimal wages. Are you too young to remember when the whole industry depended upon the experiences street seller. Why toss them to the curb just because a fancy store opened up in town? He was taking a risk to get you what you wanted.

  2. Marijuana was part of the cultural renaissance of the 60's… It wasn't that big a deal until Nixon used it to repress political objection to the war… The truth is that marijuana is not really a public nuisance and was only as popular as it was because illegality made it glamorous.. There's a few people that smoke everyday, all the time, but marijuana never has been the compulsive addictive drug that they made it out to be. Big corporate would to kick everyone out of the pot business so that they could take it over and pay off our craven politicians, but marijuana is just not that big a deal…. Quality hybrids excepted…

  3. Come on let's be honest here. The goal all along was the legalization of marijuana by any means necessary. Dispensaries were just means to that end. They have served their purpose.

  4. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  5. In GA I've had a medical card nearly 5 years and never had a store to buy from. Last July the state promised to give out a handful of grow licenses to open 30 stores this July. But 16 people are suing wanting a grow license stopping everything. Last Monday my Dr says to continue to get my pain meds I need a prescription. Yet now that's not happening I'll have to drive 180 miles a day 6 days a week to continue. So I have to give up one or the other. Even though I'm disabled from pain. And don't think because I have a card the GA law won't lock me up for cannabis. They already did. I'm homeless because I was kicked from my gov. apt when they locked me up for leaves. 10 years probation and 11k fine. A years income. Why can't we have federal medical? In GA on Tuesdays election they had a question should it be legal here. 5 years ago 55% said yes. Tuesday that went up to 81% for recreational! I see how people flip out now.

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