Can You Take CBD Oil With SSRI Antidepressants? | Ep.06 – Hemp Nerd Podcast 🌿 🍀

SSRI antidepressants are prescribed to patients suffering from depression and/or anxiety? SSRI antidepressants come with a host …


  1. ive been a year on paxil little bit more than a year my local organic store had run out change i stopped to buy my monthly dose of mushroom no not the psychedelic kind ima talking some pochinki , oysters shrooms etc etc gourmet type shit i digress yes no change so they offered me a joint no thc only homegrown legal pure cbd bud so i took it , on the way home i lighted the mf up WHOLY FUCK it gave me the WORST feeling ever highly irritate feeling of beinf unsettle an disatisfied at neurochemical level awful stuff im telling you same shit happen with the 1000mg cbd oil mind you everybody im on 20mg of paxil and rivitril i dont what it was but im a heavy weed smoker and i dont those feeling when im high on weed.

  2. Amazing video!! I’m not sure if you still check messages on this video, but I’m giving this a shot. I am taking 25mg sertraline, (the smallest dosage) and have recently purchased but haven’t tried yet, 15mg broad spectrum cbd droplet from the Vitamin Shoppe (1 drop is 15mg). I was curious if I take my Zoloft every morning, if I took a drop of the cbd oil every evening, do you believe it would be too much cbd? I am 5’11 and weigh 168lb and was a marijuana smoker daily until about a few months ago. Thank you for making this informational video, it was incredible!

  3. SSRI'S are not taken prn, or "pro nata". They are taken every day. Several of the medications you mentioned are SNRI'S. Would like to know what the research says about these. Also, many have jobs that test for THC so I would like to know how the "broad spectrum" CBD works with SNRI'S.

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