1. Hey Kevin, I started watching your channel because of camper builds, but I'm going through watching every one (except fishing, because I don't fish right now). I have dupuytren's too. Got it at 50. Many surgeries. Anyway I like your vids. The philosophy ones are even good. 👌

  2. Hey man, so glad to know it's workin for you. I have MS and deal with nerve pain, so I can relate. It sucks! Then a friend turned me on to her homemade THC Coconut Salve, and the THC tincture. Ya gotta try the tincture! They've been a God send, I'm grateful. I make them both in my home now. You really should learn how, it's great fun. It'll also save you cash in the long run! Stay safe. ❤️

  3. I haven’t tried that brand of canibis cream yet but I’ve tried other brands. I too suffer with Peripheral neuropathy. I take 3 different prescriptions and 1 being an opiate. None of the canibis creams have helped me. I take prescription lidocaine. My pain is awful at night and much of the day as well. Sometimes I can’t stand a sock on my feet either. I even tried a canibis pill which didn’t help either. I’m miserable. I’m so happy the cream is working for you

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