CBG (Cannabigerol) Health Benefits: Nootropic, Inflammation, Mood, Anxiety & Energy (2020)

CBG (Cannabigerol) Health Benefits: Nootropic, Inflammation, Mood, Anxiety & Energy (2020) FREE TRAINING ON …


  1. is cbd oil like ashwagandha, can it cause anhedonia? i feel sexually numbed since i took it and don’t feel any fear anynore, i hear it inceeases the level of serotonin and causes anhedonia because of that?

  2. Tried a cbg:thc tincture and was super buzzed but not foggy and anxious as I get in regular thc. It felt like the "rush" heady feeling of thc was pronounced as opposed to the body high CBD:thc. Give me. Def felt more energized and motivated to do things

  3. CBG Is also a antimicrobial/anti-fungal not sure how that fits in to the possible recovery of pssd/pfs but a lot of recovery stories are metabolic related as well. Same goes for Sint johns worth.

  4. Can you explain your 5 – HT1A comments in regards to Ashwagandha and High Ginger uptake? Would these two herbs hurt this receptors sensitivity output? I'm not sure i understand.

  5. I wonder if there’s an isolate which helps executive function motivation, like Sativa, without the psychoactive effects and post tiredness. Got my cbg from botany team. So let’s see

  6. I cannot find any info on the half-life of CBG, but it would be good to know. CBD's half life is quite long and there seems to be cumulative effects?
    Also, I wonder how much more effective CBG is in the presence of fats (being fat soluble like CBD). However, it's interesting that many say the isolates are effective taken sublingually too…

  7. I’ve been making all kinds of CBG products I thought they were CBD products now I’m learning the difference I have been studying the facts extensively topically on as well internally and I would be interested in having a more one on one conversation with you

  8. Ordered my husband a bunch of CBG products from extract labs for his crohns disease. They do a 50% discount for healthcare workers, etc so figured worth a shot. I'm excited to see how he reacts

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