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  1. Hey guys, I'm still not officially back to posting to youtube full time ( Temporary break is still on ) so please follow me over on the weedtube for the continued weekly posts ( there is a couple new videos that are not on youtube over there . I 'm gratefully and happily keeping my promises with a new sponsor. They sent me the unit for free and honestly, I genuinely couldn't believe how effective the air purifier worked. This unit has drastically changed my air quality in my home and appreciate being sent this product for free. Upon my full time return, I will upload all videos made during my break to youtube but if you want to stay up to date, just check out the weedtube 😉

  2. Do you have an A.C. unit in the room or do you run fresh air from outside?
    Do you maintain your humidity after the first few weeks and if so what do you keep it at?

  3. The air cleaning unit is mainly produced in the factory I work at!!🔥 So I or probably a few of my homies put that unit together!! They work so good for small spaces to large!! Love your videos homie🤙🏻 you definitely got the chronic 🙏🏻💯💚

  4. Hey bro. I love the videos, learned a ass load from ya. I have a question. How do you deal with fungus gnats and fungus gnat larva. These little fucks have destroyed and are destroying my crop.

  5. Hey man Canada here, so what kind of lights are you using and I don't want to use nutrients. So I have an organic soil that feeds for three months. I'm not totally sure what to add or when but I'm looking at nothing this time and compost tea the next. Got any advice.

  6. In a five gallon cloth pot I'm literally at 4 weeks since germination… it looks like you're pouring and off a lot of water in those pots how much water do you think I should be giving or rather how much are you giving at the 4-week Mark

  7. Bro you've gained some weight/aka Muscle since this video lol Awesome job Boss. Subscribed like 6months-1yr ago but since-I've got my 5×5 going with a handful of strains. I'm so amateur it's funny But= I love Canna, love your channel, and love creating my own little beauties💚 Keep rockin on sir👍💯🙏

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