1. It caused me to have erectile dysfunction like issues. My drive was heightened, but I could not retain or even sometimes attain an erection. As soon as I stopped for a month everything seemed to go to normal.

  2. Usually. It depends on the strain and how much you trust and relationship Dynamics with your partner. I find it most helps in longer-term committed relationships where you need to lower inhibitions and self consciousness just enough without the sloppiness, regret and excessive pissing of drinking. I've been with my husband for almost 13 years and weed has not only helped our sex life but also bonding in general. It's hard to relax when you have small children when you're the mom and without weed I go around and around in a self induced stress loop.

  3. yes cannabis does deffinately allows you to last longer and at times I have had difficulty in achieving orgasm but the orgasms can feel like they last longer and are more pleasurable. I love cannabis before sex as for me it allows me to last 3 times longer

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