Does CBD Damage the Liver? Latest Research. Doctor Jack Episode 37

Thank you for checking out this video! You are awesome! I am Doctor Jack, a board-certified anesthesiologist & pain management …


  1. I love your videos Dr. Jack. I have recently started using CBD from Green Compass and find it is helping me SO much cope with multiple chronic pain issues (RA, degenerative disc disease/herniated discs, etc.). Prior to losing weight I had (have)fatty liver disease, borderline NASH. My liver looks really good now and I only need to follow with hepatologist annually. Meanwhile, I have my liver enzymes checked frequently by my rheumatologist. They have never been better…and I've been using CBD for a year. So, in my case, it seems that despite having gained back some of my weight – my liver enzymes seem to be getting better, if anything. Go figure.

  2. Thank you for clearing this up, doctor! (:

    I use CBD for liver disease and it helps inflammation. My hepatologist even said it seems to be causing some reversal of my disease after 2 months. My liver enzymes are within normal range after just 6 weeks of using CBD or hemp oil after they were previously quite high. Seems like it's a positive thing in my opinion. 👍

    I suggest lemon water, high potency milk thistle, ACV, and a very healthy diet, (mostly fruits, legumes and vegetables), for those with liver disease.

  3. I like this video and I think it's very detailed. And I'm also glad you called out project CBD which I had followed for years before that report you posted came out.

    With the actual FDA approved CBD being around 20 to 30 mg per human and with the market being taken whatever you know because a gummy is what 25 mg usually.

    But my point to bring up and I've been saying this for like 4 years is that people say it doesn't mess up your liver because the mice studies are overdosing the mice and my reply is well most people seeking out CBD are already on some kind of medication that they want to get off of because they're hoping CBD helps. So then you have to go into the cyp 450 and realize that if you're taking that medication and you are blocking the metabolism of that medication or slowing it down you have a problem when there is more of that medication in your system.

    The second problem is then you have to explain to your doctor that doesn't believe in holistic or anything with CBD or something they think is a scheduled drug even though it could be from hemp and saying hey where am I at.

    So if you are someone that is taking medication and you want to actually get off that medication and start taking CBD I advise and I'm not a medical doctor or even anything in the medical field regular test.

    I am someone that did take the oil for a while without taking anything else and I will come out and say that three things I noticed was that caffeine would last forever, CBD doesn't work like hey opioid or benzo, and last is you have to trust the COA that you get from your vendor.

    I had high hopes for this you know because I was really into askwanda as well, but if you look at the research in papers it also can cause liver inflammation or damage.

    And also know things can work great for you for the way you feel but when you have those tests and you see what's going on it's not a pretty sight so. I like the video but I still don't think there's an answer if someone's already on medication for the problem they're trying to fix.

  4. Dr. Jack, thank you for such great and science based information. I've just started following you, but LOVE everything so far. I personally work for a research Hemp CBD company and educate veterinarians for a living and I get a lot of these questions (obviously human and dog anatomy is different but there is some crossover). I love your professionalism when it comes to speaking on these hard topics and how you present everything from different sources in depth, yet easy for the average person to understand. I'd love to see more videos like this on different topics and findings in these various studies.

  5. I am currently taking broad spectrum cbd gummy, serving size 1 piece (3.6g) each contains broad-spectrum hemp extract 10mg. I take about 2 gummies every night before going to bed. It does help to treat my insomnia. is my dosage ok?

  6. Great video explaining the misconception around that Forbes article. I have been using full or broad spectrum CBD tincture/oil for a while and can definitely say that it has many benefits. I tend to take around 25 mg per day, but sometimes 50 mg. I could not imagine taking over 240 mg/kg in a single day. Lol.

  7. 4:57 – because we ca not identify an actual plant life in regards to that word "marijuana" it actually means – smoke of cannabis sativa L. a way to describe a by product of a plant and can be any plant except for the actual explanation of derived from Cannabis sativa L … we cannot ask in court to make sure we are actually talking about a viable plant species when being incarcerated for marijuana . politicians love it , they made up the word marijuana to enforce laws ( block nature / support pharma ) on man

  8. 2:50 – 100% the reason we need to let go of cannabis prohibition completely and allow the people to grow as much free plants as they need for their life time here on the planet … we are being controlled to Death literally via blocking access to the plants of the earth

  9. @2:18 when researching CBD 600mg is the starting dosages. lower dosage is not even considered a therapeutic dosage size in most literature . honestly , some of the other more active cannabinoids are great for micro dosing especially THC however even then THC has therapeutic dosage recommendations as well … like people ingesting a few thousand mg THC daily to treat cancer with full extract cannabis oil ( FECO)

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