Ever visited a CBD dispensary? A tour to Little Collins in Galway | Hemp cafe | Hemp Seeds & Coffee

irelandcity #hempoil #cbdvillage Dispensary (CBD) | A tour to Little Collins in Galway | Hemp cafe which sells Hemp Coffee, …


  1. I only trust
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  2. Lovely video! I agree with everything you've said apart from its a known fact CBD can help people. You wouldn't believe the amount of people I still come across that either don't know about CBD or that remain very skeptical about even trying it. Hopefully things are changing…

  3. Haven't tried it but am all for legalising something that others want to make money out of on black market. I wish you the very best of luck because I do believe you have our best interests at heart and, if you can make a living selling it, thats perfect. Best of Irish

  4. This cafe was raided by customs a few days ago. Can Ireland start acting like it's in the 21st century and stop trying to control what people put into their bodies.

    Also Ireland isn't in the United Kingdom.

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