feeding a rabbit #bunny

binky bunny rabbit has epilepsy and needs to be fed like this a few times a week. his seizures are well controlled with cbd ect but …


  1. You found a way to syringe feed Binky that works for him and you. It's worked well and Binky is still with you despite what some vets said. The seizures are now better controlled but the brain damage will always remain. Your special little Binky is a house rabbit to keep him safe and he is a happy boy and healthy.
    Keep up your good work with all your pets and the advice you share with others.
    Stay safe and try stay healthy.
    Love, purrs, cuddles and kisses for all the furry family and hugs of support for you all. Cleo really loves watching you on the TV now, it's covered in paw prints everyday but Cleo's a happy purry girl.

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