This Channel✓ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! In this weeks episode we are in the 8×2 indoor closet grow during early flower stages.


  1. Hey everyone, hows it going? Sorry this video wasn't longer, I ran out of time but I m going to redeem myself with a solid upload next week. Hope all is well. Please feel free to leave questions or just say hi ;).


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  2. I guess you don't realize that those leaves are like solar panels for the flowers you will get better results if you leave them on the plant the ones that do not get light will die off naturally then you can remove those I don't understand why all you growers think you need to strip all the leaves do you think another nature out in the wild strip them no just leave them be and never grow better than ever you're stressing the plant by pulling leaves while they're in the flower I've been growing for 30 years trial and error is how I've learned not videos.

  3. Matt i have followed the shwazzing method – defoliated the plant on the first day of light switch, then at week 3 of flower. Is it safe to remove leaves after week 3? For example the larf that ultimately grows back that will never hit the scrog? If you have time to answer that would be awesome – i use a combination of your skills with dr mj coco – 3rd run ever and have been very successful!!

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