Guaranteed To Improve Digestion DRAMATICALLY (How to Poo Better)

How to strengthen your digestion noticeably in a few days. Super hero level digestion with these fermented foods. Cultured foods …


  1. Man.i think is bacteria on teeth .i ferment alcohol.when i drink it i feel its roting away.,but feeling good.hydrogen peroxide white it so getting rid of bacteria and make it white.

  2. You're hilarious bro, actually pretty good dietary advice to. I still can't really make sourdough a big part of the diet, exactly like you said if you had a organic grain, soaked it, sprouted it, grinded it and then fermented that, that absolutely ideal. Lot of work though and impossible to find store bought.

  3. What u said about the kombucha, I don't use kombucha but when I drink the black tea yep it enhances my digestion just like you said, almost to the point where I could eat anything I want. Take a clean dump, wipe and theres nothing there to wipe. All digestion becomes pretty much perfect after a few days of consistently having it with my food. I think there is a danger in black tea because of the fluoride if oversteeped or using too many tea bags or if you dont have calcium and antioxidants in the diet. But Im unsure of what the risk factor of that actually is. All I know is that it normally makes the digestion work. And it also gives me a spiritual type high after a few days.

  4. Hmmm. The thing is that you are actually not digesting properly since fermented food are predigested? You are not healed, you just eat food that requires less work for your digestive system? No? VP? What do you think?

  5. Yeah I think kefir is not a bad option if you want to be more regular. I still do not think it is the answer but may help while adjusting. I suspect being regular will come over time if you do carnivore properly. Latest info suggest that upping your protein and eating less fat would be helpful. Personally I think if you do carnivore long enough and well enough you will end up with zero issues. Come on VP, teach us how to do carnivore properly. Achieve that and you will be a demi god.

  6. Have you tried Ezekial bread? Do you have it there? It's a sprouted bread made by the recipe in the Bible, it's the only bread I will buy and eat if I want bread, which is rare.

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