How To Germinate High CBD Feminized Hemp Seeds

Planning on growing high CBD hemp this year? Watch this video and learn a few of the methods to germinate feminized hemp …


  1. Hi guys.. First time grower. Bought your Qwik Cush and Mtn Mango.. i did the Kush in 1st. Brand new little 6x8x6t' mini greenhouse. Put metal shelves in. The 1st day i didn't get out very early to check on them. 1000 seeds. The top shelf was 120° with the sun on them thru the opaque material of the greenhouse. WHOA..!! Took those 4 trays (Jiffey 72 cell with a clear cover) down right away… was worried about the heat… after 4-5 days they started popping up. EXCEPT THOSE 4 TRAYS.. been a week now, all is popping except those 4 trays…. Did I toast them..?? Was only for a couple hours but ….. damn.. what you think..?? This is sunday am. 6.5 days after planting.. nuttin…
    (Planted Mountain Mango 2.5 days ago and they are JUMPING OUT OF THE GROUND..!!)
    HELP….. Yakima WA 1000' elev. Been unusually warm last few days.

  2. I appreciate this video as a fellow grower. I have ordered some of your seed and cannot wait to test your genetics this upcoming season. I am growing at 3,000 altitude in the mountains of Virginia.

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