How to Get a Cannabis Business License in Mississippi | Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laws

How to Get a Cannabis Business License in Mississippi | Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws| Mississippi Marijuana Business …


  1. My wife and I both do events at Beauvoir and have always been treated like gold when doing weddings there. It's a library and museum what is wrong with you. I voted for prop 65a

  2. I have a home in small-town MS BUT it's located "downtown". I can't wait until I'm able to pave my front yard and open a legal, THC dispensary. Investors and/ or advisors wanted.

  3. So now we already know it’s overturned. They never intended for us to have it. We go back to the polls in January…. please vote for recreational- The folks in charge of this MS Department of Health never did a thing but carry on to keep this from happening. Simply because LOCALS would have dominated and big businesses wouldn’t line their pockets. This was a step BACKWARDS for sure.

  4. 65A was the alternative measure introduced by our legislatures in chance that we would vote a program into law that they control. 65 is the initiative created by the people for the people. Local legislators dont want us to have 65 so they begged us to vote 65A and allow them to write the program. It didnt even have a start date. No qualifying illnesses or anything. So i think you got them backwards. 65 was our initiative and 65A was the alternative.

  5. Most people don't realize they will need a Cannabis Business License as well as a Cultivation Permit from USDA. We are one step closer here to getting things wrapped up. Staying in touch with the USDA, and SOS has been key.

  6. I’m interested in knowing what would prevent someone from working in the cannabis industry. Lots of people are interested in it but don’t know even the qualifications because the state has not been clear.

  7. I don't smoke anymore, or should I say consume anymore….. but I do want to become a certified grower for the dispensaries here in Mississippi. I'd like to get in on the ground level of this thing. I have so many questions! Can someone with legal knowledge reach out and contact me?

  8. Yeah Initiative 65A was placed on the ballot by legislators to confuse people and basically do nothing with no start date or anything everything would be left up to the state where 65 had a start date and guaranteed people would be able to safely use cannabis within the next year and while maybe not quite like Oklahoma but closer to Missouri and other State Medical programs where there are 22 conditions one being opioid prescription replacement which is good but 70% of people are okay with Cannabis use here it's just State Legislators have refused to do anything the past 20 years and killed like 22 bills that's why people didn't want to vote 65A and leave the program in their hands but this was the most reasonable first step to kinda get the ball rolling here.

  9. Just a couple of comments- some of the reporting is wrong here (source: I live in Mississippi and am a long time cannabis advocate) the lawsuit is not coming from private citizens challenging the initiative, the lawsuit is coming from the mayor of a "white flight" city, Madison. Their suit claims that the way signatures were gathered for the initiative for it to be placed on the ballot was unconstitutional. Long story short, the state constitution states that a certain % of signatures must come from each of the 5 congressional districts that are in MS. MS lost a congressional seat in the 2000s after the census, knocking us down from 5 seats to 4 seats. I believe in 2005 (could be incorrect) the courts ruled that any initiative seeking signatures could do so following the rules laid out in the constitution, including the former 5th congressional seat. Many initiatives have been placed on the ballot following this method and it has not been challenged until this particular initiative – Madison's mayor is claiming that because the initiative collected signatures at the % from the old congressional seat districts that it is invalid, because MS now only has 4. It's basically some Mickey Mouse bullshit to delay the implementation of Medical Cannabis.

    The legalization of MedMJ is huge for MS and shows that while we have shitty people in charge, the actual voters of MS are coming into this century. Would love for you guys to maybe have someone who actually lives in MS and is an advocate for cannabis on next time so they can help you get the facts straight.

  10. I like Mississippi. Except for the racism. If they had passed a law like Oklahoma's already I might well have considered moving there from Georgia instead of here to Oklahoma. I like the Hattiesburg / Laurel area, but then I'm partial the the southeastern forests. I can tell you this: Oklahoma's law has made a paradise for consumers. Prices at the dispensaries are unbelievable.

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