How To Use CBD For Alcohol Withdrawal

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  1. Seemed impossible, but it’s been over 7 months and I don’t crave a drop of alcohol, the KEY difference was that I didn’t suffer withdrawal, not even within the first 30 days after I actually applied what I talked about. No need for AA meetings or meds either, I just luckily go’ogled Steffon Barkload’s latest, man, wish I had done it sooner.

  2. Thank you so much for this video… I’ve been in recovery for 7 years…. And I still feel everything you’ve described in this video… I’ve been on the fence about trying CBD…. But this video has swayed me in the fact I’m definitely going to try it…. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Great video but curious. Is this hemp oil or CBD? The label says both and you mentioned this has .3% THC or less which other research says that’s what hemp typically contains and CBD contains no THC. Confused.

  4. I stopped drinking and started using cbd on a regular basis, just because I thought this could be useful. And it is! And now I saw your video – what a coincidence! Thank you very much – now I know why!

  5. After many failed experiments with some other brands, I finally found this brand. Weedborn products are the best and I don't think I would ever need to look for another CBD supplier. I highly recommend for practically any health problem.

  6. Great info I took CBD with passionflowere for better sleep and it worked. one small bottle is around 30.00 How much CBD do we need daily to deal with recovery?

  7. I had a drinking binge that lasted two weeks just recently.. I have been hospitalized multiple times in the past for Withdrawal. I was sick.. Trying to taper off with Miller Lites.. Could not even hold them down.. Couldn't eat couldn't do anything.. I was scared to death I was going to have another seizure (had many in the past) .. I was at the store to find some sort of tapering off alcohol that I could hold down.. (pretty much was only going to prolong the bender) i found these CBD gummies and suckers.. I seen (total relaxation) on the packet.. The store owner realized what was going on.. I bought all my alcohol from there He seen me standing there a mess. He said this stuff is good for everything.. Take this home instead of more booze.. So I bought some.. I was shaking like a leaf but opened the packet and started eating them.. Half hour later I was eating my first meal in more than a week, The shakes were gone.. I felt total relief from the withdrawal. Honest to God.. This stuff is legit.. The anxiety was gone.. all the symptoms disappeared almost instantly. Once the shakes started to return.. I just ate another gummy and was gone..

  8. Check out the video "how to stop drinking alcohol full 8 hours audiobook" on YouTube. It help me stop drinking without any cravings and help me prevent relapse

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