1. My buds have been drying for 8 days after a bud wash due to pm during wintre I had them hanging up for about 6 days then placed into a paper bag for the other 2 days, I tried some and it smoked up pretty good but in the past I've always over dried my buds out so I was wondering if now was a good time to put into mason jars with 62% rh packs or wait another few days? Any advice would be appreciated thanks mate…

  2. No one ever discusses the proliferation of under-cured plant matter. I check out the offering at numerous dispensaries and the buds are all green. Green indicates the presence of chlorophyll and we all know (or at least we should know) that chlorophyll makes the smoke harsh. Properly cured cannabis will have a very low content of chlorophyll and saccharides, and subsequently should NOT be green!!

  3. If the buds are dried too much on the stalk is curing still achievable by using humidity packs and burping jars or is that just adding and removing moisture to no avail?

  4. I just threw mine in zip lock bag after drying so do I gotta have a humidity meter in bag with it??? Keep it same as when drying between 50-60 rh

  5. Hey guy I got my buds drying it’s day ten on 59 to 62 rh I put them in jars and the hygrometers say 56 to 58 relative humidity but buds feel a slight moisture is that safe ???

  6. bro I'm loving these multiple uploads a day. really awesome short duration information you're putting out man! these videos actually make me feel like I'm watching my online professor lecture about one of my actual fav subjects haha

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