1. tmv probably ..but there are other things which can look similar..i.e cal mg deficiancy, fungal rot in the roots. pm in the soil .high salt ..your camera is blurry..

  2. Ok I think I got it. My problem is not TMV it was a calcium deficiency I was skipping out a lot on it because I thought the sensi A+B had enough but it absolutely didn't WHEN USING RO WATER in hydro. Ca is a secondary nute not micro it needs a descent amount. Mines looked like yours it starts with brown edges on the serrated part of the leaf then dots on the leaf and if left untreated the mag def kicks in but most noticeable is the pottassium lockout around 3-4 week of flower which makes the leaf look like yours in this vid brownish yellow and spreading like fking crazy your bud probably stayed that size for the entire grow check you might of Added a lot of Mag to the soil that it locked out the Ca. Or too much ca in the soil or not enough but something happened with cal that lead to that horrible potassium def. or maybe not, but it just might be it. And I went through the TMV scare because everyone keeps saying TMV but it's not. That shit ain't that serious but keep up the good work I've seen what u can do.

  3. I would love to come to a conclusion with this TMV I have had similar prob in the last 4 grows and I'm a heavy cigarette smoker these are my symptoms

    Veg: fantastic until a month and a half then little dots start appearing looking like cal def

    Early flowering: they show up on older leaves new growth seems to be showing sign of recovery but when those leaves get a few days older they start to show it

    Flowering: they start amazing healthy white hairs then come to a complete stop @ week 4 every single time hairs start turning colors and leaves turn brown like a phosphorus deficiency no growth even after 9 weeks.
    If any one knows wtf is going on please just speak up! Let me know if you smoke or handle tobacco and if u don't and are having these probs.

  4. Do you handle tobacco? If you do it could be T.M.V. If not then it's Hemp Mosaic Virus. EIther way GET RID OF IT. I know how hard that is after all the work and love you put into that poor thing but it'll kill the rest of your plants.

  5. Well, what the hell is it? Don't just show it and not answer your own question. If it is Tobacco Mosaic Virus I might have the same thing. But that would about right because I forget to wash my hands after handling cigarettes. I also have a tobacco plant in the same room with my babies.

  6. looks like aphids or how ever you spell the little pests they come in with your intake suck the life out of your fan leaves starting from bottom and round about week 4 of flowering get spray from local grow shop nd spray under leaves and bobs your uncle or use tepid water with fairy liquid nd bit cooking oil nd spray leaves then half hr later wash of with ph d water

  7. tmv iv got it nothing can do if into flowering no point adding anything otherwise smoking shit just leave it iv got 4 weeks left just hope get something back

  8. @MORTONLGG ain't cool calling names. if you don't have any problems, you're not a grower. 40 years on 10 hour flowering cycle, yield the same, harvest in 43-45 days. watch and learn…

  9. @runnelscharles You should always use purified water if possible especially for indoor plants but rain water isn't really that much of an issue and shouldn't cause much if any damage. It could be nutrient burn from too much fertilizer or malnutrition from to little, over watering can also be a problem.

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