1. Yes but I usually get paranoid about the mistakes that I’ve made in the past. last time I had a panic attack that the universe itself was going to pay me back for what I have done, maybe this is religious trauma.

  2. I had a lot of positive experiences smoking weed when I first started. I started to smoke everyday tho and it started becoming a problem so I laid back off of it and now the past year every time I smoke (which isn’t a bunch) I feel weird and never have a good time. The main reason I enjoyed smoking in the beginning was because it made everything funny and I just enjoyed myself rather then overthinking. I am also an athlete so it helped with pain a lot too. I really liked working out after getting a little high because I felt focused and I zoned in. I’m thinking about smoking again before starting to workout but I’m not sure if it’s the right way to go

  3. I’m 30 years old. 3 years+ clean from alcohol and haven’t had a sip since. I struggled with alcohol addiction from ages 22-27 and nearly died.

    I turned to pot, changed my eating habits, and stay active 4 days out of the week. My weight is at equilibrium now and my blood pressure is perfect.

    No alcohol relapses since

  4. if you listen to the weed and listen to what it makes you say to yourself you will be so much better off. Before i started smoking i was lying to myself about everything, things like denying certain insecurities, denying flaws in my personality, and all around was too afraid to look down deep into myself and truly fix myself for the better. After i started smoking i started to get that introspection that makes you look at yourself and makes you honest with yourself, at first i ran from it, i thought it was negative and i thought it was all bullshit and that i’m criticizing myself for no reason. In reality i was too afraid to admit everything that i saw wrong about myself, i researched it a ton and after i started listening to what i had to say to myself my life became 100x less stressful and i was able to find what i don’t like about myself and change it for the better.

  5. I like smoking but I rather do it by myself.. I zone out like crazy when I’m high I literally won’t talk and I forget what I’m going to say mid sentence so it makes me sound dumb

  6. After getting stoned stupid Joe went through some deep, deep introspection. Afterwards, he decided the only way to have a safe society is for everyone to own an AK-47…

  7. I was super stoned and paranoid about my exams coming up and how I'm studying poorly, so when I started listening to this and they began talking about how it reveals your insecurities it blew my fucking mind I can't describe it

  8. I started smoking weed everyday when i was about a sophomore in High school and rn I’m 21 and still smoke almost everyday and paranoia has never been a problem for me don’t get me wrong sometimes it makes me lazy and not want to go out but it’s how u use it i love working all day knowing that i have weed to smoke once i get home

  9. If you have weed on you or in your system and are in possession of gun, congratulations, you're committing a felony! It is only legal at the state level. You can still get yourself in deep deep shit at the federal level.

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