Local veterans turning to CBD oil to treat PTSD symptoms

Local veterans turning to CBD oil to treat PTSD symptoms”


  1. Veterans & civilians alike, I was standing at the kiosk where I purchase my CBD oil, talking with the owner when she leaned to one side, looking around me and saying "Hi how are you"? I turned to see a very elderly man that started to weep almost uncontrollably!?!? The owner came from behind the counter to console the man and after several minutes he blurted out "Miss Pam my flashbacks have near left me and im now sleeping 6-7 hours a night"!!!!!!! He had purchased his CBD for the first time, 2 weeks prior and it was the mans first time back to the kiosk to tell the owner about his experience and I just happened to be there. I later learned that the gentleman was/is a Vietnam Veteran and had suffered for decades with the flashbacks and rarely slept more than 2 hours a night. What more does anyone need to hear about CBD????(& CANNABIS) The movie "Refer Madness" should be banned and destroyed!!!!!!! This beautiful medicine was unjustly given a very bad name a long time ago and EVERYONE should be working to restore this "MEDICINAL" plant back to its original status!!! Listen on Youtube to what CBD (ALONE) did for both of my children…."Is CBD being suppressed"!!!! Listen to how severely challenged my kids are & to what CBD for them!!!!! PEACE!!!

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