1. Crazy thing is that you can have guns rights FEDERALLY, and also have a valid script for schedule 1 drug, but not medical pot!!! Makes no damn sense, the FEDS never do…….

  2. one word….fuck. And btw I'm not losing my freedom over "something stupid" because IT IS medically legal and it's gotten me off of opiates AND it's safer than your very own legal alcohol (which is fine to possess your concealed around). I didn't know this until after I got my card, so wtf now? I'm screwed and I'm pissed dude, wow.

  3. what if you already own a gun (rifle or shotgun), and didn't have a permit before getting your medical card in florida? I don't conceal carry but what about the laws on home defense?

  4. Not talking about the legal thing here but it seems the *smart thing to do would be dont carry MM and firearm at the same time and you would likely avoid the issue entirely.

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