Medicinal cannabis in Australia: Weeding out the facts

This year’s free Koadlow Lecture, ‘Medicinal cannabis in Australia: Weeding out the facts’ features Dr Richard di Natale, outgoing …

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  1. Oddly enough I don't know a single person who uses cannabis for either pleasure or for pain who doesn't treat ''Medicinal cannabis'' as an urban legend, a joke, a bullshit story you see on TV every so often. No Wagga doctor is willing to even discuss it with you. Personally, as a person who had his life ruined because of a couple of dope plants and who has spent 37 years as an enemy of all Australian governments I find the whole concept of ''medicinal cannabis'' to be an absolute obscenity, the final insult in a lifetime of insults, home invasions and assault. You can peddle illegal drugs but you will at the same time ruin a person's whole life for possessing a gram of the same shit? If you people can write scripts for drugs that are currently illegal federally why the Hell don't you write scripts for heroin?

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