More than 300 grams and 8 firearms located at Sioux City residence, documents say

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Officers were able to locate more than 300 grams of marijuana and 8 firearms at a Sioux City residence on Tuesday.  

According to complaint documents, Oliver Rouse, 23, of Sioux City was arrested after he was seen driving a vehicle that had a shattered passenger window. During the traffic stop, officers were able to find what was described as a “clear glass smoking pipe” on the floorboard. Officers were also able to find around 12 grams of marijuana apparently on his person, according to the documents.  

The documents stated that Rouse had a passenger with him, who allegedly told police that Rouse was a “drug dealer” and they had bought marijuana from Rouse around 2 weeks before the traffic stop. The passenger also allegedly told officers that Rouse had several guns and a larger amount of marijuana at his residence.  

Officials obtained a search warrant for Rouse’s residence, and they were able to find a safe with 3 assault rifles, 1 shotgun, and 4 handguns. Additionally, officers found 303 grams of marijuana that were divided into 22 individually sealed glass jars, a gold grinder with marijuana inside of it, and a ‘clear glass smoking pipe.’ The documents specified that none of the individually sealed jars had an affixed drug tax stamp that is required by law. The safe was held until Rouse told officials where the key was located, according to the documents.  

Rouse allegedly admitted that the contents inside the safe belonged to him and that he was a marijuana user.  

Rouse was arrested and charged with a controlled substance violation, used or expired drug tax stamp, and possessing dangerous weapons. He was booked into the Woodbury County Jail and held on an $11,300 bond.  

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