Get 15% off Provacan at using the code PARALIFE Muscle spasms are a side effect of a spinal cord …


  1. Hi I recently was in a car accident and injured my lower spine L2. I been watching all your videos they are great helped me a lot but will be helpful if you leave information of products you recommended which you use. But great job keep it up.

  2. I’d love to hear where you are now with this experiment and if you recommend this stuff. I’m a T9 and take everything but this stuff , I take nabalone pills but don’t know if the ingredients are similar or not. My spasms in the morning are violent to say the least.

  3. It works in decent doses and if you have plenty of it in your system also helps with your bowel movements where I am I get it in my Country 200ml bottles I have T12 C4 incomplete with Claudia equine syndrome in my legs I can still walk but the pain can be severe I drink the stuff like water it helps heaps cost a lot Sometimes if I’m not driving or working get some good weed and eat it Now you will notice eating it will fix most problems buds are the best Yes you’ll be in another world but you’ll be pain-free

  4. Good work, i use concentrate cuz im from Morocco ^^ its cheap , maybe illegal but why they plant it in my country ^^ lool, keep the good work man

  5. Stay away from Baclofen, the body addiction is terrible and after some research coming off baclofen has to be done slowly as just stopping them after taking them for some time could be life threatening.

  6. 46 year T4 para myself and been a para for 40 years since knocked down age 6. Used to have bad spasms not long after accident. Got to around 13 and started smoking weed in early 80's. Obviously didn't know about weed back then and spasms, I quit smoking weed in my early 30's for 5 year and my god the spasms went from none existent to bad stomach spasms and some leg spasms (was other way round at young age) Weed certainly does work, I like Cannatonic low THC high CBD, CBD alone does nothing. Physio is also grate for spasms as well as masturbation, but a quick knock out is short lived in the reduction of spasms, just the loose floppyness for a bit. Currently on 6 baclofen a day, my body is addicted to them now after 40 years, can't go more than 12 hours without DT's kicking in and hard to breathe. Just to note I am a 90's x clubber and have tried most drugs out there and cannabis is the best for spasms reduction.

  7. I use Provocan 600mg moved up to the 1200mg….. C4/5 inc here, and it’s been really helpful for my spasms. When I was young I smoked weed ….it literally tastes like you’re chomping on a bag of weed

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