Pot Over Pills: The Effects of Cannabis vs. Prescription Drugs | MERRY JANE News

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  1. I hate how the government and healthcare professionals treat everyone like they are someone who will get addicted to drugs, when that 100% isn't true. I have never been addicted to any substance in my life.

  2. Medications ruined my life. Weed saved me. There I said it 🙂 Sorry to my religion lol. Love weed. I also love God. Don’t be scared to get the help you need people…Take care of YOURSELF if no one else will for you. Love you all! Happy to see this good message getting out there.

  3. People told me this before I did Xanax. They always say weed is better. I have been smoking weed for a year and a half and I just tried xans a couple days ago. Been taking a quarter a day and if anything it puts my ass to sleep. But your still completely aware and in control of what your doing. The qurter i took last night didnt do much. It was basically like taking melatonin. Imma do a half either tomorrow or in a couple days bc I don't wanna get addicted. They are 2mg bars

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  5. I just wish here in Australia they let medicinal cannabis be as openly available as our disgusting opioids. funny how the world works eh

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  8. I take Adderall. Xanax. And Subutex. My mom has been smoking for almost 50 years.i have PTSD and my mom probably does too. Domestic abuse is why. I want to be off these pills theyee killing me.

  9. Going through withdrawals now shit ain't no joke. I'm also getting off cocaine, percs, and xanxz and Klonopin. I was feeling them hard yesterday witch was my second day off of them felt bad went to the hospital was feeling like I was going to seizure. Today I smoked and it actually freaking helped me I feel a hell of a lot better.

  10. I just got my card and I am trying to get rid of my pharmaceuticals and going "au natural" with weed, that is the plan, anyways. I guess I will find out if it will work in the long term. I do have high hopes! Pun intended

  11. My overall goal is to get off the prescription pharmacuticals as soon as possible to avoid further damage to my health from them and keep using cannabis sometimes and occasionally to medicate for health benefits and everything else positive it brings to my life. Way more natural in aspects for using cannabis over prescription psychiatric pharmaceuticals – have to be supplied legally and safely with the cannabis to avoid complications with toxic products.

  12. I think Asian countries should also do studies and spread the word because a lot of Asian older parents still view them as bad. And I see my dad popping pills to treat pain and sucks to see him on though instead of doing cannabis

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