Senate Judiciary Hearing on Decriminalizing Cannabis at the Federal Level

Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Criminal Justice and Counterterrorism hearing titled, “Decriminalizing …


  1. Alcohol is the same if not worse. Legalize the plant, or prohibit Alcohol. Alcohol is factually more dangerous. Allow us to smoke cannabis and pay taxes on it like we do with Alcohol, and tobacco

  2. How many people has liquor , tobacco & pills killed , black & white etc ? …& it's legal.. Federal Legalize Cannabis med/rec ! ..You self interests politicians had no problem sending 4O B of American money to Ukraine ..& you sit there like you care about us ..Ha !

  3. What's up with Corey Booker interrupting other senators when it's their damn time to ask the damn questions he's had his 5 minutes he's the speaker of the chair he had more than that when he started this damn hearing Cory Booker is a joke

  4. It seems like what the Senate is actually trying to do is legalize cannabis so where they can smoke it in the Senate and on the floor walking around Capitol Hill because if you listen to dicky boy he says it's used for migraine pain arthritis we're going down a damn rat hole we will never get out of watch and see until we get a Republican back in the White House because this crap would never be presented to a Republican president and signed into law

  5. Doesn't it seem pretty damn funny that the Democrats don't want to put criminals behind bars and now they want to make sure that pot is legal around the entire United States of America when it actually should be left to the states to decide if they want to make marijuana cannabis legal and not the federal government if you ask me the federal government's actually overstepping its damn boundaries it does not have no authority in any damn State whatsoever so if this bill actually passes the states can deny to uphold this BS law and that's what you should call it for the simple fact is the federal government trying to take away power from States and put it in the hands of the federal government this is federal government overreach once again trying to make sure that they play to the Democratic party base they don't want to lock up criminals that commit murder gang rapes drug deals in the whole other slew of things that happen in Democrats ran cities burning a buildings throwing people in front of subways and to this very day all this B'S a side have you ever heard one Democrat come out and denounce all the violence in the states that elected them into office answer hell no you haven't now they want to make cannabis legal

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