1. These bad boys just dropped today! Have y'all tried em yet?!

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  2. Been smoking 10 years straight every day twin/hq. Been on a 1 year break and have just started watching your videos again. I still love weed culture even though i dont smoke anymore. till THEN!

  3. I was told before that some come out darker than the other because of the terpenoids i seen some purple urkle turn into some clear ass diamonds so its not cus of the purp color of the buds

  4. Idk if anyone else had this thought during the video but if your windows got broken and nothing was stolen to me it kinda seems like one of your viewers knows where you live

  5. I hella know what your saying about cartridge company’s quality isn’t so good but it gets you high regardless but I will say they all are great company’s other then the pod systems I always liked the live resin cartridges like Friendly Farms ABX and so on but other then that I like your view on the carts because I feel the same.

  6. how to do u keep your tolerance low ? i’d take 20smth long hits and my tolerance was so high i would only get a bit buzzed, i’d be done w/ carts in 3 days 😭

  7. Northern Lights~solventless rsn cart~ 510 thread style
    Grower~The Lab
    From PA
    Sale= $40
    compared to $80…
    They are new to our state and the medical dispos and the boof company is the only ones that released them, Gleaf and The Lab.. It could be the company or “their strain” of Northern Lights but I’d stick with Prime Wellness LLR Chem de la Chem #2 for maximum flavor coming from a flavor chaser who wants the old school dank funk skunk cat piss flavor, why else when we smell a skunk we secretly enjoy it?!?
    But I also am limited by my states advancement to the terp world with concentrates and I prolly have been enjoying boof CRC’s and thinking I like terps when I haven’t even had real rosin that doesn’t taste like I just took a whipit of fart straight to the face, Gleaf!
    But I have to use a battery with preheat mode and a turn dial adjustable setting to the lowest setting 2.2v and… boof! A familiar taste I can’t put my finger on off boof? I taste Like sweet, half melted plastic and haze… tried maybe 5x Cart and seems to be the fastest draining Cart I’ve had… so I don’t even kno if this is real rosin that gives my first impression of m meh…?prime Wellness llr papa legba #8
    Sour blueberry #2

  8. You’ve been teaching me so much about this shit I’m still relatively new to this shit but I’ve just been sticking to bud no carts and shit and only been using bongs and pipes and occasional joints

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