Study: States with legalized marijuana see increase in car crashes

A new study suggests that states with legalized marijuana are seeing spikes in car accidents. Subscribe to FOX 26 Houston: …


  1. You could make a very easy argument as to how much more dangerous alcohol is in terms of motor function but that’s legal so what’s your point?

  2. Omg stfu w this bs🤣😂spice and alcohol are dangerous too but thats the only drug yall think is “Legal” unless u rich then coke is another story✋🙄leave cannabis out of this mess, its not even in the same category!!…

  3. Tobacco is a know carcinogen yet was availbe to 18 year olds up until recently. I firmly believe that real untainted organicly grown Marijuana is the opposite of a carcinogen (something that causes ca*cer). People will pay taxes for federally regulated unlawful untainted real cannabis.

  4. Alcohol causes most of the car crashes in America. Why is the focus on healthy cannabis. If you all care about Americans so much, BAN ALCOHOL or legalize healthier cannabis.

  5. Ban alcohol if you care about the youth so much. Alcohol is
    For adults, yet scumbag teens drink at parties, DESTROY THEIR LIVERS, AND VOMIT (ANYTHING NEGATIVE SAID ABOUT CANNABIS can also be said about alcohol ). Weed is for adults, so it is lazy and unethical to keep illegal just because of the youth. Make an effort to regulate it like alcohol. Or bann alcohol, because 100s of thousand die yearly from alcohol, and we know that it factual, while very few die from clean cannabis alone(not CANNABIS and a little bit of pcp and meth ) its safe to say alcohol causes most of the car crashes. Legalize the safe healthy plant, or ban killer alcohol for everyone, if you all care so much about folks quality of life

  6. So compare that to the accidents and deaths alcohol is related too, marijuana is lower.. waaay lower.
    So what does this study show? 1 for some reason even tho it causes MORE accidents and deaths can be legal but the other cant?

    Just grabbing at anything to prevent marijuana from being legal.

  7. I see they starting to push propaganda from the higher up's. They just want it to be a prescribed drug only…. while alcohol and cigarettes still bodying people at a alarming rate… elephant in the room agrees

  8. LEGALIZE CANNABIS 2022!!! How does a horrible drug like alcohol get a pass? Alcohol kills thousands of people every year destroys families. Marijuana deaths zero, no one has ever overdosed on Marijuana. I believe God makes no mistakes and if he made a medicinal plant like Marijuana it must be for a reason. This is America, land of the free and if one wishes to smoke a little cannabis it should be their choice not the governments. Makes me sad that many politicians smoke marijuana but many people in society can get fired for having marijuana in their system on a drug test. Its Time for Change.

  9. Everyone smokes whether its legal or not. This story is only trying to push propaganda as usual. You “people” are trying to help raise insurance prices. Liars.

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