1. Okay I get the decriminalization deal I support it for non violent misdemeanor cannabis convictions, but their claim about people of color is exaggerated. Many if not most blacks arrested for cannabis have many more charges compiled at the time of arrest. Illegal weapons, invalid revoked drivers license, stolen cars, convicted felons, wanted criminals, no registration or insurance for the vehicle and so much weed found on them that its obvious the intention was to sell. Especially when they drive around with baggies, and digital scales. SMH It's rarely just an arrest for pot. Lets be accurate about that. I follow the police departments online and I see everything black folks get charged with, its pretty substantial. I've seen the problem with uninsured motorists in my community, you get hit by them they run, putting peoples lives in danger, I got rear ended by this black dude and he sped off ran a light almost caused another accident, jumped on the highway with his hood all the way up! How you gonna keep going with the hood smashed into the window? LMAO! Sorry that is just the facts. AGAIN I support decriminalization for non violent misdemeanor cannabis related charges. So if you were charged with cannabis possession, and you had an active warrant for your arrest or convicted felon, repeat offender, running around with illegal firearms, revoked driver license, no insurance, no registration then you should do your time because you're obviously a menace to society. These are facts.

  2. I think it’s a shame we have all these politicians in our city and a lot of them are not from here they don’t understand how people from the New Orleans live Nowadays in New Orleans the politicians are trying to push their way of life from their city audacity on us we do not live like you all up north

  3. But it right black and brown people have it harder in the city I live here I am New Orleans so for her to say we are equal is wrong she is not from New Orleans

  4. I really hope that Louisiana can do the smart thing here and ask for guidance from Colorado. They've got this system running and tax revenues are flowing. DON'T DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS DO AND SCREW THIS UP AND TREAT IT LIKE ANOTHER CORRUPT SLUSH FUND TO LINE THE POCKETS OF THE REPUBLICANS.

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