1. Sir , can I still castrate my bull calves in Texas ? Am I allowed to pull a calf that's already dead ? Can I still spay my female dogs ? Can I sell an open cow along with long bred ?

  2. Unless you see it first hand you wouldn’t believe the benefits of medical marijuana. My mom was bed ridden, severely depressed, dependent on pain medicine from her doctor who just kept giving her more. She tried everything but just got sicker. So depressed she wanted to end her life daily. I had to help raise my siblings because dad worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs. It all started from cancer she found after having her last baby. She is now cancer free but was bed ridden for several years from illnesses. Her last try was medical mj and after a month she was getting stronger and after a year of usage she was out of bed, off of all pain meds, depression controlled, she started exercising and actually being social. I couldn’t believe that would ever be possible to have my mom back and actually healthy and strong. And it was do to medical marijuana and that’s it! I never believed pharmaceutical companies make medicines to keep you sick dependent on their medicines to keep them rich. They never cared about people. Marijuana is natural grown from the ground instead of factory made. There’s a reason why they fight to keep marijuana away is because you wouldn’t be dependent on their medicines anymore.

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