The Hemp Cartels THCa Flower Update

Selling out super fast get it while you can Fam Code CLOUD 15% off Keep It Cloudy …


  1. I just ordered 7 grams of the gmo sherbert.want the mendo breath but like you said they just. Have the gmo paperwork does it tell how much indica/satavia.sorry for my spelling.i used you 15% off CLOUD.the cookie monster and papaya smelled amazing but not crazy strong smell to me.i put in my order if before they ship i would take mendo breath if they have but will take gmo if no mendo breath.i really like the downer strains better but their prices are cheap and their stuff looks amazing

  2. Hey @Cloud, I ended up grabbing me some GMO Sherbert, each time I wanted to grab Cookie 🍪 Monsta it was gone and then when I wanted to get the Papaya 🥭it was gone lol 😂 like you said it’s fire 🔥 and people are grabbing it up also I wanted to let you know that your GMO Sherbert review was lit 🔥

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