The Science of Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference – The Water Series

The Science of Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference – The Water Series Kevin Jodrey, Suzanne Wainwrigh-Evan’s, …


  1. The OGs might want to consider dropping their medicinal THC seeds and the same in medicinal CBD and/or CBG hemp because smokable hemp is getting to be fabulous medicine and it is cheaper to buy OG KUSH, HEADBAND, CHEMDOG as medicinal CBD hemp flowers and add medicinal THC kief and/or RSO/FSO = lots more potential money if OGs drop THC seeds and CBD seeds of the same flowers if they can (we can grow unlimited plant counts with medicinal hemp and the ounces are about 1/5 – 1/10 cheaper than medicinal THC ounces) 🙂

  2. Cancer is caused by hidden anger and resentment. Does that ring as true to you as it did me, Wade? Then simply recognize and stop hiding your pissedoffedness! I lost a kidney and a little of my bladder before I discovered that secret. Haven't seen an oncologist for over 20 years, and avoid MD's like the plague they are!

  3. You all touched my heart God bless the community. What you guys have started is very special. I know history will carry these stories on. You guys are true Heroes of our Era. The mixed post medical and recreational, pre federal legislation Era. The one's who actually fought the good fight didn't roll over to regulation but help mold the laws to benefit all life on this earth not just pad pockets. Bless you all.

  4. Is there anyone who's welling to do a weed community in Quebec? To be involved in a weed substitution program to take away street drug like amphetamines or opioids..?! To give away eatible/gummys/weed pills/joint for free. For the people in Need in Quebec city.. Try contact me

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