YOU’RE DETAINED! In this 1st Amendment Audit I peacefully exercise my rights trying to take pictures, and video in public …


  1. Fail them they do not had to call the police because you did not did anything wrong I think that the guy you had a little argument before was the one that call the cops to get you in trouble like woman's do that show that he is a punk not a men.

  2. if he professionally violates your rights, does he get points? the answer to that would be no coming from a constitutional journalist as myself. as soon as that officer was done with the Terry frisk, and determined that he was not a threat, he was immediately forth with supposed to be undetained! fail!!

  3. Not bad, but you don’t need to kiss their asses like that. They just violated your rights…no need to polish their badges for them. They’re not going to like you any better….they’ll just laugh at you for being a simp.

  4. Almost every cop actually believe that if they get a call that gives them express right to violate all of your rights it’s absolutely mind boggling no cop is training properly none zero of them check the Academy check these are absolute rights violating cowardice it’s truly mind-boggling what cops do every day across the country

  5. How does ANYBODY actually respect the blue line gang it SOOO BROKEN AND CORRUPT it’s absolutely disgusting 🤮 how these badged COWARDS BEHAVE DAILY WHILE RUINING LIVES AND STEALING MONEY FOR VICTIMLESS INFRACTIONS! Police and law enforcement of every kind are truly dangerous violent disgusting human beings everywhere!!

  6. To me you failed your giving the cops and bootlicking yourself. Bro maybe you dont get it they came to kill you. You guys out there you better wake up and get it they see you as the ENEMY. They say it and believe it. Stop this fist crap and oh thank you for pretending to be professional. Wow they wont ever respect the public until you stand up. These criminals are the red coats now wearing blue coats. THINK ABOUT IT.

  7. All these Officers for a non event. No crime, no threats..nothing. I hope 6 Officers turn up to the next burglary in the town. Overkill for a guy with a camera oddly doing photography!

  8. All cops are cowards! Officer safety is an excuse for pigs to stomp on our rights. Funny thing is there are no laws in regard to officer safety. We are not responsible for the safety of anyone but ourselves. The Supreme Court has ruled on this. Thank you for exposing how this city uses our tax money and the poor training we pay for. END QUALIFIED IMMUNITY!!! Cops can't tell the difference between a tazer and a firearm. Why do we pay for incompetent policing?

  9. Dirty cops. They know that you have no weapon, so the detainment was 100% illegal from that moment forward. Disgusting cop behavior. Hope you sue them to get them to learn and file bane act violation under Ca law.

  10. I think all of this says far much more about how many police officers are sat around on the pay role "waiting" for a crime or ready to "create" a crime. Either way their ideology has to be obeyed, your "Rights" are back seat passengers,.. Hammers see nails, or Idiots with egos and power control issues will do what they want regardless.

  11. Every time a cop is abusing someone or violating someone's rights, there is always 2-3 other cops just standing there watching him do it. That's why there is no such thing as a good cop. There are only bad cops and SILENT cops ❗️ ❗️please post the body cam footage and 911 call. bless you Anthony X and thank you for all the great work you do!!

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